Hey! I’m DJ Tronix. Some people might know me as Mickey. Now you do too. I’m a DJ (obviously), but what kind, you ask? A party rocker and a turntablist. A musician even. I started DJing in ’99 with some cheap ‘tables and Radio Shack gear. I’ve been a musician since I was 5. In fact I teach music at an Ontario-based music school. I use my knowledge and love of music in my art as a DJ.

As a party rocker, I’ve done a lot of events at York University, specifically for Winters College Frosh Week Quad Parties and the Theatre Department at every cast party for every show since 2004. Frosh week’s craziness is pretty obvious, but trust me, in the Theatre Dept, these ain’t your wine and cheese kind of deals. As anyone in any theatre department will tell you, it’s full of booze, dancing, and straight up crazy partying. At York, we try to have these parties at the Underground/Contact nightclub for the whole package deal. I handle the music, and it’s probably one of my friends doing the lights. But it’s me on the mic too, keeping the crowd hyped. I love rocking the microphone. It’s like being a completely different person. Kinda like a superhero, when you do it right.

As a turntablist, I’ve been competing in the DMCs and other events since 2003. I’ve battled in Hamilton, Windsor, and Toronto. I recently placed 3rd in the Toronto DMC Regionals and the Windsor DMC Regionals. I’ve been a bunch of other battles, including the DJ Beatdown @ Marc Ecko’s Getting Up Festival, The (last-ever…so far…) Turnstylez Turnament, and an appearance on MuchMusic (which with my luck, of course, happened to be the same day as Toronto’s big summer blackout).

As a musician on the ‘tables, I’ve recently done a track with Hermes The Messenger which is set to be released on his new album in December. As a musician on piano, drums, guitar, and bass, I’m currently working on a few projects with a few fellow artists, the styles of which are broader than the spectrum. Okay that was cheesy, but I’m a nerd too, so it’s cool?

I’m also a composer/producer (something that makes great use of my musical background). I recently did the music for an episode of “Dancing With Spirit”, an aboriginal dance series airing on Bravo. It was a collaboration with famous native choreographer/dancer Michael Greyeyes and Gemini-acclaimed director Byron McKim. Needless to say, it was a pretty exciting project as my first professional foray into composing.

I’ll be using this blog as a place to promote all my musical and artistic endeavors. I’ve got a few myspaces, so this will be the place to see what’s new right away with my different projects and bands.

Thanks for visiting! Come back often!

DJ Tronix (aka Mickey Rodriguez)


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